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Welcome to FunFTW (Fun, For the Win!). We are still setting things up and adding more games and features but there is already a lot here to get you started. Also be sure to check us out using your Wii Opera browser as many of our games will work with your Wii!
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  Zoo Keeper
Rating :
Connect 3 or more of the same animals as the zoo keeper
Rating :
Click four tiles of the same color in a rectangle shape to remove them for points.
  Zero Matter
Rating :
Fly in your ship shoot at the opponent and destroy his ship to win.
  Zelda: C.O.W.A
Rating :
Use Link's attacks to defeat the green soldiers
  Zaphod and Aztec
Rating :
Beam up your own alien friends but avoid beaming up chickens or cows which could affect you.
  Yellow Out
Rating :
This is similar to the Chinese puzzle game. In this version, you move the cars, trucks, and automobi ...
Rating :
Roll the dice and make the combination of numbers to win.
Rating :
Swing from post to post and turn the peg in this puzzle game
  Xiao Xiao 6
Rating :
Do numerous puzzles power up fight attacks try to crush the stick man with weights and fight the bos
  Xeno Blaster
Rating :
Whack-a-mole type game where you shoot aliens that pop out of craters and UFOs flying around.
Rating :
Play breakout with a full 360 degree rotation of your paddle. The blocks are in a circle around you.
  World of the Rings
Rating :
Move the rings around and match up the colors horizontally or vertically to remove them.
Rating :
Click on the letters spell out the word wheel of fortune hangman type game.
  Wild West Shootout
Rating :
Wild West Shootout, claim rewards for shooting the bad guys.
  Wheres Saddam
Rating :
Where's Waldo type game search for Saddam Hussein's face within a group of people.
  Where Is The Ball
Rating :
Try this fun game of Wheres The Ball
  Warthog Jumping
Rating :
If you have ever played halo, you will know exactley what this is about. If not... come and find out ...
  War On Spam
Rating :
This game can be played byt 1 or 2 players and have 3 difficulties level
  Virtua Worm
Rating :
Fly through the tunnel as a virtua worm, collect diamonds for points, avoids bombs and other hazzard
  UN Weapons Inspector
Rating :
Walk around the sands of iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction locate oil fields and missile
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